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  1. DTLA_012 Party till you puke sleep.

  2. Staycation

    DTLA_01c A friend. A monster. DTLA_05DTLA_010DTLA_011 Portra 400

  3. Stoney Point

    Climbing_05Climbing_02Climbing_04Portra 400

  4. Laguna Seca

    LGS_02 Monterey, CA. As the sun sets and the fog rolls in. LGS_03LGS_010LGS_04LGS_016LGS_023LGS_022 T-Max 3200

  5. Film Lives

    LGS_010 Just wrapped up close to 30 hours at the Imacon.LGS_023DTLA_05DTLA_07CT_09Climbing_02Climbing_01Random_05Monterey_03 Laguna Seca, party nights, climbing, the north east and elsewhere. More scans to come. Who wants to give me a 7II?

  6. OTFB



    You’ve never loved anything as much as Michael Clair loves baseball. I promise you this.

    His blog, Old Time Family Baseball, made it onto Sports Illustrated’s 22 Great Sports Tumblrs!  

    See what the hubbub is all about - oldtimefamilybaseball.com

    ps - edged out of the top 10 by SI’s own Tumblr? I don’t know about that.

  7. CT

    DSC_6709 DSC_6558 DSC_6675 DSC_6612 DSC_6605 DSC_6636

  8. CT

    DSC_7093 copy DSC_6280 copy

  9. Terminal 3


    Director/Editor - Kelly Mcdermid

    Cinematographer/Titles - Ryan Skut

    Just three guys runnin and gunnin.

    (PLEASE! YouTube doesn’t allow HD embedding. It’s the absolute worst. After pressing play, click the gear icon in the lower right hand corner and change the quality to 1080p. Thanks.)

  10. Portland III